Clients and Ergonomics Success Stories

Humantech clients have achieved breakthrough results in industries ranging from high tech assembly to call centers to automotive manufacturing.

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Client Success Stories


Abbott Moves Up the Curve with Office Ergonomics

Abbott Vascular improved ergonomics in the office for it's 4000 computer users with Humantech's Ergopoint ®Office Suite. The company was able to train employees, assess risk, and establish a budget based on the findings of the online ergonomics tool.

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American Standard’s Ergonomics Program Drives Accelerated Improvement

Humantech assisted American Standard in reducing ergonomic risk in all sectors worldwide. As a result, the recordable incident rate and the lost workday case rate were reduced by 50% in just four years, cutting ergonomics-related incidents from 70% to 20%of total injuries.

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ARAMARK’s Ergonomics Pilot Gets Employees Involved

Humantech assisted Aramark’s Refreshment Services group in a successful pilot of their ergoTEC process, which is designed to target the major causes of MSDs and implement solutions that will have the greatest impact across all of the
business units.

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Aventis Reduction in Ergonomics-Related Injuries

Aventis Pharmaceuticals Lowers Injury Rates and Costs

Humantech assisted Aventis Pharmaceuticals’ Kankakee, Illinois, facility in implementing an effective ergonomics process to lower lost time accidents 94% and recordable injuries 62% while cutting workers’ compensation costs by over $1 million per year.

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BEMIS Uses RAPID® Team Events to Reduce Injuries

Humantech helped this flexible packaging manufacturer realize a 40% reduction in total recordable injury rate in three years. The company’s ergonomics initiative included Humantech’s ergonomics training and
RAPID® Team Events.

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Boston Globe Reduction in Worker's Compensation Cost

The Boston Globe Reduces Workers’ Compensation Costs

Humantech assisted The Boston Globe in creating an ergonomics process that has contributed to a sustained reduction of its total workers’ compensation costs, from a high of $6 million in 2001 to an all-time low of $2 million in 2005.

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Ceradyne Achieves 98% Reduction in Workers' Comp Cost

Ceradyne Achieves 98% Reduction in Workers' Compensation Costs from Ergonomics Program

Humantech assisted Ceradyne in developing an ergonomics process that has contributed to a sustained reduction of total workers' compensation costs, from a high of $2 million in 2010 to an all-time low of $.3 million in 2012. Recordable injuries have been reduced by 43%.

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Cintas graph - 59% reduction in incidence rate

Cintas Achieves 59% Reduction in Incident Rate Through Ergonomic Solutions

Humantech assisted Cintas in deploying an effective ergonomics process that has reduced its work-related musculoskeletal disorder incidence rate by 59% over five years. 

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Corning Reduction in Defect Rate

Corning Improves Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Cost with Improved Ergonomics

Humantech assisted Corning’s Goose Creek, South Carolina facility in the redesign of a work cell and material handling system, resulting in dramatically reduced ergonomic risk, improved quality, and cost avoidance estimated at $3.6 million per year.

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Denso Reduction in Recordable Injuries

DENSO Decreases Injuries Through a Kaizen Approach to Ergonomics

Humantech assisted DENSO’s Long Beach, California facility in integrating ergonomics problems solving with its existing kaizen (continuous improvement) events to decrease recordable injuries by 27% over two years.

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DENSO Plant Makes Big Improvements in Material Handling

Humantech helped DENSO Manufacturing of Michigan improve its material handling process resulting in significant ergonomic risk reduction as well as reduction of tote handling by 156 hours per year.

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Dow Corning Increase in Productivity

Dow Corning Eliminates Injuries While Improving Throughput

Humantech assisted Dow Corning in analyzing ergonomic risk and redesigning a silicone processing operation, resulting in the elimination of injuries, improved quality consistency, and a 375% increase in productivity!

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Genie Industries Sees Ergonomics as a Process, Not a Program

After only one year, Genie has seen real results from its ergonomics initiative and offers some key learnings for ergonomics success.

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GTS Reduction in TRIR

GTS Reduces Total Recordable Incident Rate with Office Ergonomics

GTS reduced their total incident rate by implementing an office ergonomics program. With Humantech’s Ergopoint® Office Suite, employees learned  how to set up their workstation and managers were able to review the process.


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Hamilton Reduction in Lost Workdays

Hamilton Sundstrand Reduces Lost Workdays by 84%

Humantech assisted Hamilton Sundstrand with establishing an ergonomics initiative. The combined effort resulted in an 83% reduction in recordable injuries, and an 84% reduction in lost workdays, over a period of seven years.

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Honda Reduction in Cycle Time

Honda of America Cuts Cycle Time and Scrap by Improving Ergonomics

Humantech assisted Honda’s Marysville, Ohio motorcycle plant with coaching and ergonomics problem-solving skill development. The ergonomics team redesigned a fender finishing station to improve the cycle time by 50% and reduce potential scrap by 83%. Honda estimates the overall savings to be $500,000 per year.

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Honeywell Increase in Productivity

Honeywell Improves Productivity and Workers’ Compensation Costs

Humantech assisted Honeywell’s Torrance, California facility in the redesign of a turbocharger assembly to dramatically reduce injuries while improving throughput 37%. Workers' compensation costs were reduced by $2 million per year plant-wide.

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Ligon Brothers Productivity Increase

Small-Scale Ligon Brothers Makes Large–Scale Improvements

Humantech assisted Ligon Brothers Manufacturing Company in applying high-impact, low-cost ergonomic improvements to the redesign of a transfer press work cell, increasing productivity by 25% while reducing recordable incidents 100%.

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Lucent Reduction in Product Build Time

Lucent Technologies Achieves Breakthrough Production Savings

Humantech designed, built, and installed an amplifier assembly line for Lucent’s Columbus, Ohio facility. Improved ergonomics increased first time yield by 61% and reduced product build time 44%, resulting in an annual savings of $1.2 million.

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NuStep wins Medical Design Award for their Ergonomic Product

Humantech assisted NuStep in the redesign and manufacturing process of their patented exercise machine which recently won a prestigious Medical Design Excellence Award.

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Redcats USA Reduces Injury Rate through Commitment and Communication

Redcats USA enlisted the help of Humantech to develop a sustainable ergonomics process that has resulted in an 80% reduction in workers’ compensation costs.

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SolarWorld Graph on Reduction of Injuries

SolarWorld Cuts Injury Rate in Half Using Humantech's Tools

The solar energy company has successfully reduced  ergonomics-related injuries through training, simple and effective assessment tools, and a facility-wide risk map.

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Southwire Plant Sees Reduction in WMSDs with Humantech's RAPID Team Events

Humantech conducted a RAPID Team Event at Southwire's Hawesville, Kentucy plant which led to over 100 ergonomic improvements and helped to reduce workplace strains by 30% and reduce back injuries by 40%.

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Textron 90% Reduction in WMSD Incidence Rate

Textron Automotive Trim Sustains Ergonomic Improvement

Humantech assisted Textron’s Automotive Trim Division in deploying an effective ergonomics process that has reduced its work-related musculoskeletal disorder incidence rate 90% over seven years, an average of 26% per year.

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Toyota 62% Cycle Time Reduction

Toyota Achieves Cycle Time Reduction from Ergonomic Redesign

Humantech assisted Toyota’s Georgetown, Kentucky logistics operation in improving the rear spoiler installation for one of its hottest selling vehicles. A combination of low-cost and high-impact improvements resulted in reduced ergonomic risk and a 62% improvement in cycle time, translating into a $262,000 annual savings in direct labor costs.

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TRM 90% Reduction in Severity Rate

TRW Improves Health and Safety Metrics While Increasing Productivity

Humantech assisted TRW’s Cookeville, Tennessee facility with integrating ergonomics and lean manufacturing to achieve a 90% reduction in severity rate while improving plant-wide throughput by 15% over two years. Four years later, the WMSD incidence rate had been reduced by 83% and the total lost workday incidence rate by 85%.

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