The Humantech System®

Whatever your organization's objectives, The Humantech System will revolutionize the way you manage your ergonomic improvement process, both now and in the future.

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The Humantech System is an all-in-one solution for managing workplace ergonomics in production and assembly environments.

By combining online training and assessment tools, expert-led site improvement events, and a powerful management database, your organization will have everything necessary to deploy, monitor, and manage the ergonomics process, from one to hundreds of locations.


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The Humantech System® has three key components:


Learn – Online Training

Build knowledge quickly. With access to 7 interactive online training modules covering everything from principles of ergonomics to design guidelines, you can choose which modules are appropriate for your teams. The best part is that your employees will learn the essential elements of ergonomics as they need it, and before our experts arrive on site, allowing the focus of the on-site visit to be on making real-time fixes.


Do – The Job Improvement Process

Gain skills to assess and fix jobs. Knowledge can be taught, but skills must be practiced. Once the online training is finished, your teams will work alongside our certified professional ergonomists to assess and improve problem jobs. You might call it a workshop, but we like to think of it as getting things done.

The Humantech System provides users with online tools to capture assessment details:

  • Risk analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Action plans with e-mail reminders
  • Risk reduction results

Manage – Data and Reporting

Verify and track progress. With The Humantech System, ergonomics process owners can easily monitor the activities of the ergonomics team, track the status of improvement plans, and generate reports, such as:

  • Risk maps – to prioritize jobs by department, site, business unit, or enterprise
  • Improvement reports – to track the status of improvement plans for individual jobs, a site, a business unit, or an enterprise
  • Training status – to monitor teams’ progress through the training modules
  • Root cause – to target the cause rather than the symptom of your risk


Why The Humantech System?


Beyond the classroom

With traditional training methods, employees spend days in a classroom, but once they return to the job, who has time to implement fixes, let alone remember all of the course content? The Humantech System allows your employees to gain knowledge (Learn) and skills (Do) through our unique combination of online training and expert-led improvement events.


Knowledge when you need it

The Humantech System allows your people to learn only what they need when they need to, and revisit an online course at any time. You’ll have access to powerful assessment tools and references to support them as they develop action plans and implement fixes.


Access where you need it

The Humantech System’s interface is designed for use with both laptops and tablets, so it goes where you go. No more double-handling of information, no more papers to keep track of.


Data-driven solutions

Database systems should not only be electronic repositories, but they should also help you discover meaningful trends to guide you to success. The Humantech System helps you target jobs for improvement and identify and categorize the issues so you can push the ergonomics process upstream to those who design your production systems, equipment, and products.


Simple, available, and secure

The Humantech System and all related data are housed on dedicated and secure hosted servers. The application is accessed through the Internet via a client-specific URL. Humantech provides all back-up, maintenance, and technical support for the duration of the subscription. Humantech provides orientation, online help, and technical assistance for your administrator to ensure easy setup and use.

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