E-book: Selecting an Ergonomics Risk Assessment Tool

Selecting an Ergonomics Risk Assessment Tool E-book by Humantech

4 Things to Consider when Selecting an Ergonomics Risk Assessment Tool

Learn to manage the risk of injury, rather than managing the injury itself.

There are a multitude of ergonomic assessment tools ranging from the basic to the highly complex. So how do you choose? Humantech's complimentary e-book walks you through four considerations for selecting the right tool to ensure efficient, valid, and effective ergonomic analysis for your work place.The publication includes useful links and downloadable references.

"Ergonomic risk can be measured, managed,and therefore improved. Successful ergonomics teams use tools that strike the right balance between the need for data and the need to analyze tasks quickly."

— James Mallon
Exec. Vice President
Humantech, Inc. 

Humantech's new complimentary e-book will explain:

  • the difference between qualitative and quantitative tools.
  • how to evaluate the quality of a tool.
  • which measurements are essential.
  • how to understand a tool's limitations.

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