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  • May 2019

  • 1st

    Unlocking the Value of Ergonomics with Big Data

    Big data has become a prominent buzzword in recent years. It gives visibility to the need for addressing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and provides an aggregation of information – this being a key benefit. This collection translates mere data into meaningful evidence, what we like to call a “super-ergonomics-mind.” This complimentary 1-hour webinar will share key statistics and meaningful trends based on 150,000 completed MSD risk assessments to help IH and safety professionals make better decisions and deploy smarter solutions with their ergonomics programs. Presented through the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

  • June 2019

  • 5th

    Four Ways to Sustain Your Ergonomics Process

    Presented by Deepesh Desai, CPE and Josiah Allen, CPE
    A common question we hear from those who have initiated a workplace ergonomics improvement process is, “Ok, we’ve launched our program, now how do we keep it going?” Every organization deals with changing and competing priorities. It can become all too easy to lose the fanfare and attention that is placed on a new ergonomics process over time.T his brand-new live, 30-minute webinar, plus Q & A, will focus on how to be aware of competing factors and some key actions that you can take to help sustain your ergonomics process over time and achieve ongoing success. Join us!

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