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  • July 2017

  • 11th

    Three Ways to Gain Leadership Support for Your Ergonomics Process

    Presented by Winnie Ip, CPE and Jeff Sanford, CPE
    Ongoing support and engagement of the top leaders in your organization are essential to sustain your ergonomics improvement process over time. This 30-minute webinar plus Q&A will provide the information you need to give to your leadership and strengthen your efforts to improve ergonomics and reduce injuries.

  • August 2017

  • 15th

    Tips on Deploying Your Ergonomics Process

    Presented by Jennie Dustin, CPE and Ryan Cowart, CPE
    Deploying an ergonomics process requires a large investment in time, activity, and effort. There are many avenues to take, but not all are successful or sustained. In this live, 30-minute webinar (plus Q&A), our experts discuss the key elements for an effective deployment of your ergonomics process.

  • October 2017

  • 18th

    Using Blended Learning to Provide Effective Ergonomics Training

    Presented by Jeff Sanford, CPE and Josiah Allen, AEP
    Classroom-based, instructor-led training in the workplace is on the decline, while online training is on the rise. But research shows that even when designed well, virtual training programs are often ineffective. So, what’s the best approach to employee professional development? Join our new, live 30-minute webinar (plus Q&A) and find out!

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