Ergonomics in Design E-book

Five Steps to Improve Office Ergonomics E-book

Six Ways to Apply Ergonomics in Design

Learn to integrate ergonomic design to improve the way people work at your company.

Engineering design is a strong determinant of workplace ergonomics. Efficient and effective design approaches add extreme value to a business by engaging the workforce and improving the company's productivity and bottom line. Unfortunately, far too often, ergonomics is not managed as an engineering function and therefore gets overlooked at critical stages of the design process.  Humantech's complimentary e-book walks you through six simple practices for companies of all sizes and industries. The publication includes useful links and downloadable references.

"Companies face competing priorities when it comes to the new design of tools, equipment and products.  Following these six steps will ensure that your people are factored into the design equation."

— Josh Kerst
Vice President
Humantech, Inc. 

Humantech's new complimentary e-book will explain:

  • the importance of establishing ergonomic design specifications.
  • how to educate the engineering team.
  • how to positively influence constraint management issues.
  • best practices for ergonomic design reviews.

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