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Featured Webinar - 5 Ways to Get Buy-In for Ergonomics

Wednesday, March 25th at 2:00 p.m. Eastern
This free, 60-minute webinar will outline essential steps to help you establish a sustainable ergonomics process that achieves buy-in at all levels of an organization. The contents will focus on successfully presenting the business case for ergonomics. 

Audience: This webinar is appropriate for anyone responsible for workplace ergonomics, risk assessments, workstation design, or engineering assessments in environments such as manufacturing, assembly, laboratory, material handling, and the office. Join us!

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April 2015


Managing Ergonomics in Non-Industrial Environments

Presented by Jeff Sanford, CPE and Mike Hoonhorst, CPE
This free, 60-minute webinar will be presented by Humantech's board-certified ergonomists.