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  • June 2016

  • 8th

    Four Ways to Ensure Leadership Commitment to Ergonomics

    Presented by Walt Rostykus, CPE and Kent Hatcher, CPE
    This 30-minute webinar will present the essentials for gaining and maintaining ongoing leadership of your ergonomic improvement process. These essentials apply to both enterprise-wide, and individual site processes. This is the third in a five-part series highlighting our method of establishing an effective and efficient ergonomic improvement process; it summarizes step 3 in this model in one word: leadership.


  • September 2016

  • 13th

    Four Steps to Deploying an Ergonomics Process

    Presented by Winnie Ip, CPE and Walt Rostykus, CPE
    This 30-minute webinar will review the factors for successfully starting or changing activities in the workplace to find and control MSD risk factors, and to sustain the improvement process. It summarizes step 4 in Humantech’s Engagement Model, Deployment.

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