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Top Ten Gift Ideas: From Our Desk to Yours

If you’re like me you still have gifts on your shopping list, whether they’re for your son, your mother, or your coworker down the hall. Finding the “right” thing can be hard, especially when the stores are flooded with frantic shoppers and the utter mayhem of crying babies from being in the shopping cart a … Continued

Product Review: mStand360 Laptop Stand

With laptops rapidly eclipsing desktops as the preferred technology in the workplace, a different set of office ergonomic issues have subsequently emerged. One is a prolonged flexed-neck posture due to a lower display screen in the laptop compared to traditional monitors. If you don’t have the space or budget to purchase an external monitor to … Continued

Tis the Season to Plan for Ergonomics Software

These final days leading up to the holiday break are an ideal time to look ahead and, if you haven’t already done so, commit to implementing a successful ergonomic process for your enterprise in 2018. Sound daunting? Trust me, it doesn’t have to be. Just like with all goals and resolutions, having the right strategy … Continued

Ergo U: Auburn University: Fatigue Failure Process for Musculoskeletal Tissue Damage

In the series Ergo U:  Ergonomics Research Notes from the Field, Humantech ergonomist Blake McGowan meets with ergonomics researchers from leading universities and associations across the country to share their latest findings.     Field Notes:  Recently, Blake had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Sean Gallagher, Dr. Robert Thomas, Dr. Richard Sesek, and Dr. Mark … Continued

Ergonomics Training Through Language Barriers

Training a group that does not understand your native language can be very difficult, but it can also be rewarding.  Aside from the obvious language differences, there are often cultural dynamics, including body postures, hand gestures, and mannerisms to consider.  Here are some tips and examples to help you connect with your audience and overcome … Continued

The Bottom Line: How to Invest in Ergonomics to Improve Human Capital

Humantech ergonomist Blake McGowan summarizes the findings of a study that determined the key occupational health & safety metrics important to human capital management in the video below. References: Bernstein, A and Beeferman, L. (2015). The Materiality of Human Capital to Corporate Financial Performance. Pension and Capital Stewardship Project. Labor and Worklife Program. Harvard Law … Continued

Sustain Your Ergonomics Process – The Best of 2017

Looking back at this year, I’ve noticed a common theme among our clients: they are now in the transition phase between rolling out a new ergonomics process and maintaining a mature one. They’ve kicked things off, but are now looking for guidance on the next steps to help them sustain their process. Here are some … Continued

The Key to a Successful Ergonomics Process

Is employee engagement the missing ingredient to an effective ergonomics process?  My colleague Jeff Sanford, director and ergonomics engineer, and I teetered on that question while attending last week’s Safety Leadership Conference, sponsored by Penton Media’s EHS Today. In all honesty, we knew the answer was “yes” since Humantech recently conducted a benchmarking study about … Continued

Avoid Material Handling Risks in the Office

Many office workers lift or carry heavy items at least occasionally, but most people don’t include material handling as a cause of office injuries. For example, moving boxes of paper between copy machines or unloading cartons from a UPS delivery can be a risk factor for injury, just like moving heavy parts from a conveyor … Continued

It’s Not Too Late! Three Ways to Tackle Office Ergonomics This Year

As the holiday season approach and projects wind down, the office workplace quiets down as employees use their remaining vacation days. With less to do in the office, now is the time to address those office ergonomics concerns you’ve been putting off.  Listed below are three easy things you can still tackle this year to … Continued