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July 11th, 2016

3 Tips to Engage Employees in Office Ergonomics

When launching and sustaining an office ergonomics program, employee engagement is key. Most people are vested in their overall comfort and well-being at work. However, project deadlines and busy work loads interfere with tasks that are less demanding.

_DSC4888-1c_smallTo improve employee engagement and drive the program forward, follow these three tips:

  1. Communication is essential.  Providing clear instructions about how and when to complete an ergonomic assessment, and reminding the employee to do it, will increase participation. If he has to figure out the process on his own, he is less likely to complete it.
  2. Ergonomics training and assessments should be a valuable use of time. If it improves his comfort and productivity, he will want to participate. But, if the program doesn’t result in an improved workplace, and areas of ergonomic concerns are not addressed by management, the employee will see it as a “tick the box” activity rather than a program designed to improve his well-being.
  3. When appropriate, offer an incentive. Include ergonomics program participation in performance metrics used to evaluate pay raises and bonuses. If an employee must complete an ergonomic assessment to receive an annual bonus, he will!