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August 17th, 2020

3 Ways to Keep Your Ergonomics Process on Track

Until March of this year, I was the facilitator for almost all of our public seminars. During those seminars, we  trained participants from around the world in how to identify, measure, and control musculoskeletal disorder risks in the workplace. We spent the first day honing the key skills needed to perform an assessment and come up with quick and easy solutions. On the second day, we would go to a local company to practice the skills in real-time, with real employees, and with actual job tasks. And finally, participants would develop and deliver a presentation to leadership to justify the improvements they identified. Those who attended the class left with skills they could use in their workplaces to either start an ergonomics initiative or improve one they already had in place.

I certainly miss doing the face-to-face seminars, but I also want to ensure that companies don’t lose steam on their current ergonomics process, because it is more important than ever before to stay on track. Here are a few considerations for starting or continuing ergonomics efforts either in person or virtually:

  • Online learning allows companies to continue ergonomics training virtually. Employees don’t have to crowd into a conference room to listen to a trainer, and they can complete the training on their own timeline. Training is available in multiple languages with the click of a button.
  • Using technology to perform and analyze risk assessments can make the process more efficient and can reduce the amount of in-person time people spend doing these tasks.
  • Software can help with monitoring the progress of the ergonomics program from anywhere around the world. Managers and leaders can access data from a work location or from home.

I look forward to when we can all be together again in person. In the meantime, there are a lot of tools out there that can help strengthen your ergonomics process even with some of the current hurdles we face. These are times that illustrate the importance of having an established, embedded, and continuous process to manage workplace injuries.

To attend a virtual ergonomics seminar this year, view the online seminars page of our website.