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September 17th, 2014

A Chairless Chair?

by Michael Hoonhorst

Michael Hoonhorst, CPEI was browsing the web last week and I came across “The Chairless Chair” developed by noonee®. It is an exoskeleton that attaches to the legs of the user and will lock into any position to support the weight of the employee in almost any leg angle. Innovation is key in any industry, including ergonomics. This seems like a really unique application for workers in many different industries and job functions. I think that it offers several advantages:

  • Removing load from the legs
  • Allowing  a seated or standing posture
  • Potentially reducing fatigue from standing for long periods of time
  • Useable in areas where a traditional chair can’t fit

Even though it has some great benefits, keep in mind that there is no back support, which may, in some cases, actually increase the forces on the lower back in a seated posture. This is a very cool product idea worth considering for many applications. What do you think?