We are the largest consulting team of Board Certified Professional Ergonomists in North America. Humantech consultants combine expertise in ergonomics with practical industry experience and the skills of professional services delivery.

A team of highly qualified professionals with skills in e-learning and software development, industrial and graphic design, sustainability,
and information technology supports our consulting staff.



  • M. Franz Schneider
    M. Franz Schneider

    Franz Schneider, consultant, author, and TED speaker, founded Humantech in 1979. There are many who credit him with creating an industry and lifting occupational ergonomics out of the backwaters of academic...

  • Jim Good
    Jim Good

    Jim is the firm’s Operations Leader. He chairs the Senior Leadership Team and works closely with our delivery and management staff in all finance, legal, contract and intellectual property matters.


  • James Mallon
    James Mallon
    Executive Vice President

    James Mallon serves as the firm’s Marketing and Sales Leader and directs client-serving activities across domestic and international markets.

    With a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, James obtained a Master...

  • Winnie Ip
    Winnie Ip
    Vice President

    Winnie Ip leads the consulting, implementation, and customer success teams and is responsible for driving profitable growth and enabling operational excellence. She also provides strategic oversight for client-serving activities across...

  • Walt Rostykus
    Walt Rostykus
    Principal Consultant

    Walt Rostykus leads our program management services. He brings unique insight gained from his extensive experience in a number of leadership roles within global technology companies.

    Walt has a Bachelor of...

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