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March 19th, 2013

AEC Keynote Focuses on a Strong Safety Culture

Janet Froetscher, President and CEO of National Safety Council (NSC), was the keynote speaker today at the 2013 Applied Ergonomics ConferenceApplied Ergonomics Conference 2013This year, NSC celebrates it’s 100th anniversary. Its focus has been on making the workplace safer. Over the last 100 years, workplace fatalities have dramatically dropped, over 6 million lives have been saved.

Froetscher outlined four key things that successful companies should focus on when creating a safe place to work.

  1. Leadership and Employee Engagement – Safety must be demonstrated by strong, consistent, visionary leadership, and keeping employees engaged. The NSC organization requires its employees to complete safety satisfaction surveys which captures their opinions of their management team, safety culture, and such.
  2. Implementation of a Safety Management System – This  framework ensures an organization can fulfill all safety tasks required to achieve its objectives. OSHA believes if we put this system in all organizations, up to $20 million could be saved in workers compensation claims.
  3. Risk Reduction – Companies that take the initiative to reduce risk outperform those that do not. One of the most common causes of workplace injuries is motor vehicle crashes. It is estimated that 1 in 5 Fortune 500  companies have initiated cell phone policies as a result.
  4. Measurement – Measurement provides  data on activities to continuously improve. Without data, the statistics to determine risk would not be available. It has been found that employees are 9 times more likely to be injured when the workday ends. The safety skills and training provided from organizations tend to transfer to the home. As a result, corporate training programs, classes, and sessions save lives.