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Written by: humantech on May 24th, 2012

by Christy Lotz, CPE

Yesterday my colleague, Kent Hatcher, and I  hosted a one-hour live webinar entitled Designing the Workplace for an Aging Population. During the event,  we polled the audience to get a feel for why this is such a hot topic.  We asked the following three questions and their responses are summarized below.

Question 1: What percentage of your workforce is older than 65 years of age?










Question 2: At what age do you expect to retire?










Q3: Where have you seen the biggest challenge for older workers at your company?











The results from our audience confirm what we’re also seeing with our clients: more and more older workers are on the job and the number of working years is getting stretched out.  We also see that attendees’ largest concern for aging workers is in material handling.  Good design for the younger generation is good design for the  “chronologically gifted”. Where we see the biggest issues are in those companies that do not consider ergonomics in design at all (for instance, lifting > 50 lb products). Although the younger workers may be able to do it, it doesn’t mean they should.

One response to “Aging Workforce: Poll Results from Webinar”

  1. Bill Elliott says:

    I have yet to make a design change to fit an older worker that did not provide same great improvement for the younger worker, while still improving task throughput and quality improvements to the process.

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