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October 30th, 2014

An Ergonomic Solution for Your Little Bundle

by Susan Shaw, CPE

Recently, my family and I visited the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. I used a baby carrier for my 11-month-old daughter while hiking ErgoBabythrough the mountains. Wearing your baby in a carrier is not only great for the baby, but it’s the most ergonomic way to carry a baby. The carrier distributes the weight across several larger muscle groups in the back and shoulders rather than concentrating the weight in your arms.

When looking for a baby carrier, ensure it has thick-padded shoulder straps. Also, ensure the carrier has a waist strap to keep the stress off of your shoulders. Adjust all straps to be snug and comfortable. For the baby—ensure the carrier spreads his or her hips out evenly into a natural sitting position.

The carrier also leaves your hands free to help you climb the rough terrain.