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Written by: humantech on March 17th, 2016

Anti-fatigue matting is great. It provides a soft, slightly unstable surface that promotes blood flow in operators who are standing for long periods of their work day.

Image courtesy of MEGAComfort

Image courtesy of MEGAComfort

But, what about employees who walk all day? Many complain of foot and leg fatigue. There are some types of anti-fatigue matting that can be strapped to the outside of the shoe, but depending on the environment, this may lead to a  tripping hazard on slippery surfaces.

MegaComfort has developed insoles for shoes made entirely of anti-fatigue matting, perfect for operators who are on the move all day. Anti-fatigue matting insoles enable operators to walk on a softer surface while minimizing slip or trip hazards since the padding is contained inside of the shoe. Have you tried these yet? Let us know what you think.

3 responses to “Anti-fatigue Matting for Your Shoes”

  1. Garrett Shaw says:

    Just wondering if there are any more companies that manufacture anti-fatigue insoles?

  2. Winnie Ip says:

    Hi Garrett, I came across several vendors at the AEC this year and I am currently trying out a pair of ErgoShield insoles (made by Powerstep®).

    In addition to the one mentioned in the blog, other anti-fatigue insoles we’ve come across include Timberland’s PRO® Anti-Fatigue Technology Insoles and SmartCells’® Contoured Arch Support Insole.

    Would love to hear what other companies are using!

    • Garrett Shaw says:

      Thanks for replying Winnie. Just saw this now.
      We actually performed a mini trial in our facility and results found that employees preferred the MEGAcomfort and the Superfeet insoles that we trialed over the ErgoShield insoles that we also trialed.
      We’re now about to start a larger study with both pairs of insoles to see which is the most preferred (this trial will consist of 50 employees rather than the 10 we used previously).

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