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April 4th, 2008

Band-Aid or Inoculate?

This morning, I got my regular email from Get to the Point (from MarketingProfs – a marketing information source) and the article got me thinking. It’s focus was a study from the Georgia Institute of Technology on how companies should respond when they receive negative online feedback.

It suggested two approaches:

BandaidInvite and Engage Strategy: "entails giving customers and employees a forum where they can air their grievances, be heard, and reach a resolution."

While this works, its reactive. Another problem with it is that you probably only hear one/tenth of the complaints.

InjectInoculation Approach: "endeavors to put in place the sorts of systems that prevent the injustices that lead to disgruntled employees and customers."                               

What does this have to do with The 30-Inch View?

It seems that most companies take the Invite and Engage Strategy when it comes to workplace injuries. So, not only are companies allowing people to get hurt, they’re missing the people that are partially hurt and don’t complain.

Hurt people = High Costs

Bad Work Designs = Hurt People, Poor Quality, Low Productivity

Wouldn’t it be better to take the Inoculation Approach and look for high risk situations before they hurt people and drain productivity? Even better, design the risk out in the first place.

Is your company treating sick patients or are you inoculating your workforce against injury?

photo credits:,  ninjapoodles