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March 22nd, 2012

Better Medicine Assisted by Better Ergonomics

by Josh Kerst, CPE

Josh Kerst, CPEAn excellent article came out today from Pharmaceutical Processing that demonstrates how better and more potent medicine manufacturing can be assisted by ergonomic facility design and layouts. Roche has made a significant commitment to develop potent compounds (a relatively new class of drugs that has many uses) but the major roadblock in developing these drugs is that, as the name implies, their potency can be highly hazardous to both humans and the environment.  As part of their commitment to producing potent compounds, Roche recently opened up a new, state-of-the-art clinical supply manufacturing facility on its campus in Nutley, New Jersey.  The entire facility, including the essential chemical isolator stations (see article) , was designed with the operator’s ergonomic needs in mind.  Roche understands that ergonomic design is a vital part of ensuring safety and efficiency within the manufacturing process.

Pharmaceutical companies rely on a strong pipeline of medicine if they are going to compete in a world market and as Waseem Malick, PhD, Roche Vice President, Pharmaceutical & Analytical R&D states, “Pipelines are driven by science. We go where the science leads us; which is why we have to have a facility ready to handle whatever comes our way. We have to make sure what comes in here we can develop from clinical trials through manufacturing.”

Clearly,  the advantage will go to those forward thinking companies who link flexible, efficient and ergonomic  design concepts.  Read the whole PharmPro article.