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May 25th, 2017

The Bottom Line: Safe Wrist Postures for the Office

Humantech ergonomist Blake McGowan shares the findings of a study that examined the relationship between working with awkward wrist postures and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) in this month’s Bottom Line edition.

To prevent CTS, keep your wrist postures within these guidelines:

  • Wrist extension ≤ 30 degrees (32.7°),
  • Wrist flexion ≤ 50 degrees (48.6°),
  • Radial deviation ≤ 20 degrees (21.8°), and
  • Ulnar deviation ≤ 15 degrees (14.5°)

References: Keir PJ, Bach JM, Hudes M, Rempel DM.  (2007).  Guidelines for wrist posture based on carpal tunnel pressure thresholds.  Hum Factors. 2007 Feb;49(1): 88-99.