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April 28th, 2017

The Bottom Line: Is Your Smart Phone a Pain in the Neck?

Certified ergonomist Blake McGowan shares the concerns found from a study that examined the relationship between the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and the use of smart phones. For ergonomics solutions to these issues, watch the video.

The two main concerns are:

  1. When viewing the screen, people tend to bend their neck which can result in neck pain.  To reduce pain, they raise their arms to eye-level, which ultimately leads to shoulder pain.
  2.  When texting, people tend to use their thumbs. This movement puts the thumbs in non-neutral postures that are close to the limits of the joints’ range of motion. Poor motor performance also results.

ReferenceDennerlein JT.  (2015).  The state of ergonomics for mobile computing technology.   Work. 52(2):269-77.