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Written by: humantech on February 9th, 2012

Sure, ergonomic workstations can be costly, but they don’t have to be. Ask Ann Arbor web design agency build/create studios. The company’s team recently created their own sit/stand work area (and nicely documented the “work bar” process on their blog.)

Explains build/create principal, Ian Wilson, “With all of the info graphics and blog posts out there talking aboutBuild/Create Studios the toll that sitting takes on your body, and my generally sedentary lifestyle, it seemed like an essential first step to getting on my feet more and being more active.”

The team has been using the work area since early January. They stand about half of the day, alternating every hour or so between sitting and standing. Wilson concludes that “There is a “noticeable reduction in “afternoon slump” and it has encouraged us to take our eyes off of our screens and walk around more often.”

Wilson has also addressed ergonomic risk in other ways. “To reduce neck strain,” he explains, “I’ve installed a monitor on the wall in front of the workstation so that, when I’m standing, I can move my open work documents up higher, and when I’m sitting, I can move the active document down to my laptop screen. We may do this for our other workstations and, in general, we’re keeping our eyes open for simple ways in which we can improve our work posture, and make the office more efficient and ergonomic.”

For more detailed information on this topic, check out a recording of Humantech’s webinar, Sit vs. Stand – What’s the Best Ergonomic Design?

3 responses to “Building Your Own Sit/Stand Workstation”

  1. Larry Edison says:

    This is a start but still lacks somethings. In the picture of the two men shown working at the “work bar” neither of them have their keyboards at the correct height and their laptop screens are not at the correct height either. This solution also does not take into account people that are quite short or quite tall. An adjustable sit-stand station does a much better job of this.

    • humantech says:

      Good points, Larry. Agreed, they still have some issues to solve, but it’s nice to see small companies trying to make a move toward eliminating risk. I sent them Humantech’s sit/stand guidelines and they are making more modifications as we speak. If anyone is interested in a copy of these guidelines please give us a shout.

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