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Office Ergonomics at Abbott Vascular: Moving Up the Curve

In 2008, Abbott Vascular (AV) was without a comprehensive ergonomics program, ergonomic injuries and complaints were addressed on a case-by-case basis. The issue at hand was that AV had 4,000 computer users who spent most of their time in front of their computers, increasing their risk of ergonomic injury.

Due to the positive impact Ergopoint® has made at AV’s U.S. sites, Ha is expanding the program internationally. By the end of 2013, Abbott Vascular’s five international sites (Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Switzerland) will be on their way up the Ergonomics Maturity Curve too. 

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With the use of Ergopoint across U.S. sites, we expect our employees will gain the basic knowledge, and get the proper equipment, to set up their workstations properly.

Mike Ha CPE, CIE, MSIE Global Ergonomics Manager - Abbott Vascular

The Process

Implementing and managing a successful office ergonomics program does not happen overnight. Companies that become successful often follow a phased-in approach that starts by reacting to injuries, and moves toward proactively eliminating ergonomic risk. When Mike Ha, CPE, CIE, MSIE was hired by Abbott Vascular in 2008 to implement a new ergonomics process, he found that while many employees already had the right equipment, they didn’t know how to adjust it, needed other accessories in order to work more comfortably, and had trouble getting departments to purchase the equipment they required.

In order to implement AV’s ergonomics program, Ha employed the Ergopoint® ergonomics web-based training, self-assessment, and management tool. Beginning with a 60-employee pilot program in 2011, Ha expanded the use of Ergopoint® across all of AV’s U.S. sites in 2012. Using Ergopoint® Manager Ha was able to see the results of the training and establish a budget to purchase equipment to improve high-risk employee scores.