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GTS Reduces Total Recordable Incident Rate by 50% with Office Ergonomics

GTS was a company of approximately 25 employees in 2008 and grew to 200 employees over a three-year period due to the experience and capabilities of GTS employees to support clients on pipeline integrity projects. “Our organization grew by over 200% in just three years,” says Kirk Jefferson, safety manager at GTS. “We have up to 200 employees on the computer for many hours each day.”

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With the training component, our employees learned how to set up their workstations, and with the management component, I was able to monitor each employee’s progress.

Kirk Jefferson Safety Manager - GTS Engineering & Consulting

Some computer users at GTS require three to four monitor screens to work with computer-aided design (CAD) drafting and they have to manipulate the mouse with precise movements. To complete these tasks, employees had to spend extended periods at their computers. That, combined with an improperly set up workstation,  led some employees to experience wrist, neck, and shoulder discomfort.

Jefferson began looking for ways to improve the company’s office ergonomics program. To jump-start the initiative, he hired outside ergonomics consultants to conduct face-to-face assessments for its employees. Despite the time and effort, they were still facing ergonomics challenges. Through additional research, Jefferson learned about Ergopoint®, Humantech’s online ergonomics training, self-assessment, and management program for the office environment. As a result of communicating the benefits of the online training and self-assessment, GTS employees were at almost 100% participation after the initial six weeks. The reports provided Jefferson with a risk score of each employee. “The scores helped me identify the areas in which an improvement or solution was needed. I could provide each employee with the right equipment or tool  to meet their specific work space requirement.  Face-to-face assessments were scheduled for those who needed a more thorough work space evaluation,” says Jefferson.

In addition to implementing an ergonomics process, the company established an ergonomics supply room stocked with equipment to be used immediately so that issues can be resolved quickly. Since starting its ergonomics process in 2012, GTS has lowered its Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) by over 50%.