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Polaris Provides Ergonomics Training Across the Globe

Located just south of the Canadian border, the small Minnesota town of Roseau is the birthplace of one of the world’s largest powersports companies, Polaris. The company has a significant footprint in the town, with more than 1,100 engineer and plant employees.

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Demonstrating the value proposition of fixing work areas, educating our team members, and reducing employees’ injuries were key to the deployment of The Humantech System across the organization.

Ron Rockis, Health and Safety Supervisor

Polaris is focused on ensuring every employee returns home safely at the end of each day. Through many programs and initiatives, the company aspires to zero occupational injuries. In 2017, one of its big initiatives was increasing ergonomics awareness and training.

Polaris’ partnership with Humantech began in 2014 with in-person training programs. Now, as subscribers to The Humantech System®, employees continue to receive ergonomics training and can attend refresher courses at their convenience. The Humantech System is built on the three components of Learn, Do, and Manage. “Learn” is comprised of seven online training modules, covering everything from the principles of ergonomics to design guidelines. Once those are completed, employees are able to identify high-risk jobs, quantify the risk, and implement job improvements on the shop floor.

The Humantech System proved to be an effective tool for Polaris when it began rolling it out across its U.S. plants.

“Demonstrating the value proposition of fixing work areas, educating our team members, and reducing injuries to our employees were key to deploying it across the organization,” says Rockis, health and safety supervisor.

So far, the company is meeting its goal of training every plant employee in the United States. The amount of training each person receives is based on his or her job role and responsibilities. To monitor their progress and ensure that the program and its expected results stay on track, Rockis uses the Training Status and Training Records reports.

Providing training not only engaged Polaris employees in ergonomics, but is how the company achieved a sustainable process and met the desired results. Since using The Humantech System, the company has experienced continuous improvements at all of its locations. “We’ve been able to train thousands of people and have exposed our employees across the globe to ergonomics. Since everyone is invested in the effort, we’ve had very good compliance across the board,” explains Rockis.