Wells Enterprises

Ergonomics Done Right®


What does ergonomics have to do with ice cream? Plenty, if you’re Wells Enterprises, makers of Blue Bunny Ice Cream. Wells’ ergonomics team has worked hard to define their goals, measure the risk of injury, and tackle issues consistently with the help of Humantech ergonomics software. Perhaps most importantly, they’ve engaged all employees in the process. According to ergonomist Jeff Sanford, “Organizations that do ergonomics well get everyone involved versus just a handful, and it becomes a culture change.”

Here is their story of ergonomics done right. We can’t wait to tell your story next.

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“The Humantech System allows us to quantify jobs objectively. It gives us numerical data to determine the problem in a job or task. Now we know which jobs to invest in and which are the highest priority to improve.”

Bill Davis, Industrial Engineer