Ergonomics done right.®
April 2nd, 2018

Congratulations to this Year’s Ergo Cup® Winners!

Student of the Year Award recipient Meiyin Liu, University of Michigan

As  the Applied Ergonomics Conference wraps up another year, many companies are celebrating their Ergo Cup® victories.  Implementing ergonomics solutions takes effort and it’s not always easy. But, with a well-defined process, using the right tools, establishing  an ergonomics team,  and establishing common metrics, successful improvements are within reach. My guess is the winning companies had some of those elements. Let’s give a shout out to:

Ergo Cup® Winners

Ergonomics Program Improvement Initiative
Honda of Canada Manufacturing, Ontario, Canada

Workplace Solutions I – Team Driven Workplace Solutions
The Esteé Lauder Companies, Melville, New York

Workplace Solutions I  – Team Driven Workplace Solutions with Internal Competition
Cintas, Greensboro, North Carolina

Workplace Solutions II – Engineering/Ergonomics Driven Workplace Solutions
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, San Antonio, Texas

Ergo Cup® Excellence Awards
In addition to the winners above, these awards are selected by ballots entered by all conference attendees.

Category – Innovation
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Princeton, Indiana

 Category – Simplicity
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, San Antonio, Texas

Category – Cost Savings
Coca-Cola, Dunedin, Florida

Category – Ergonomics Risk Reduction
Honda of America Manufacturing, Anna, Ohio

Category – Presentation Quality
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida

Creativeness in Ergonomics Student of the Year Award
These awards recognize achievements in ergonomics research, including process improvement, education, applied instrumentation, and product development  in a poster or oral presentation.

Automated NIOSH Lifting Equation
Meiyin Liu, University of Michigan

Manual Material Handling Mitigation of Musculoskeletal Injury Risks with Simulation and Ergonomic Principles and Tools
Shanon Wooden, University of Central Florida

A Cognitive Ergonomic Assessment of Office Chair Design
Ashley Shortz, Texas A&M University

Design of Roller Coaster Seat from Anthropometry Perspective
Jingwen Li, Penn State University

Creativeness in Ergonomics Practitioner of the Year Award
This award recognizes professional career achievements in the creative application of ergonomics principles, including process improvement, education, applied research (research that has been translated into practice), applied instrumentation and product development.

Winner – Stephen Jenkins, Cintas

The Tom Waters Award
This award recognizes the Best Manual Handling presentation

Winner – SangHyun Lee Ph.D., University of Michigan, Smartphone-based Ergonomic Risk Screening