Whether you need help with one problem area, or are in the initial stages of developing a comprehensive ergonomics process, Humantech’s workplace improvement experts can help.


Our proprietary approach and effective problem-solving methods effectively quantify MSD risk allowing your company to focus efforts on the most crucial opportunities.

Cost justification supports improvements to ensure return on investment and sustainable impact. In addition, we transfer knowledge and skills through proven training programs to achieve sustainable gains long after we have achieved our consulting objectives.


Humantech offers a wide range of ergonomics services across four primary areas:

Workplace Assessments

Is there a work area, job task, or workstation that you need help with? Humantech’s ergonomics experts review thousands of jobs every year. Our comprehensive methods not only identify the issues, but offer specific solutions. We will tell you the nature and scope of your ergonomics problem and give you a straight-forward roadmap for improvement.

Engineering and Design

Do you need to make sure your new product, manufacturing process, or office is designed with ergonomics in mind? We identify practical solutions by combining decades of industry experience with group problem-solving. You’ll receive the critical dimensions, drawings, and the vendor information you need to design ergonomics in— the first time.

What can Humantech do for you?