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April 3rd, 2008

Do you have the support you need?

A key theme of the 30-Inch View is respectful employee engagement; understanding that real productivity happens at the individual employee level. As we’ve mentioned many times before, in order for ANY improvement initiative to be sustained, there has to be buy-in throughout the organization.

Buy-in throughout the organization means at the corporate level as well and a recent survey from Today’s Facility Manager magazine points out that when it comes to safety, health and environmental initiatives the number one issue is:

C-suite support is lacking.

FacilityBlog points out the rest of the top 6 for SH&E executives:

  • the aging profession/workforce;
  • lack of resources;
  • the need for more safety training and the need to increase a safety professional’s ability to market his/her value/improve the "enforcer" image (a two way tie);
  • globalization without safety education and not enough time or funds for professional development (also a two way tie); and
  • a shortage of SH&E college programs, increased job demands/job burnout, and outdated PELS (a three way tie).

With all of the press given to sustainability lately, has your organization’s support for SH&E initiatives grown?