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April 9th, 2012

Does This Keyboard “Go” with My Shoes?

By Susan Shaw, CPE

Every morning when I get to work, the first thing I do isn’t turn on my computer, or get a cup of coffee, but rather adjust the height of my workstation.  Our office has sit/stand workstations so we can vary our postures throughout the day. As a female who spends a lot of time on site in steel-toed shoes, I take every chance I can to wear the cute shoes in my closet.  My shoes vary from flats up to 3” heels, thereby requiring me to adjust the height of my keyboard tray and monitor every day so my hands are always at the right hand working height for typing tasks and my neck is in a neutral posture.

Standing workstations have been proven to have many benefits.  When people stand they are more attentive (this is key after lunch/mid-afternoon when people naturally get tired.) Also, standing allows us to remain in a neutral posture versus the 90 degree bend at the hips when we sit. Finally, research shows that standing burns 500 more calories a day than sitting. How about you?  Do you have to adjust your keyboard and monitor based on your shoes?