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April 14th, 2008

E-Z-Go shows their workers the light!

A look at how they do it at E-Z-GO from

"Workers use electric power tools that measure torque and angle for increased precision, and assembly lines are ergonomically friendly so the product can be adjusted to a worker’s height. Parts are also scanned to eliminate product defects, and E-Z-GO has even increased its lighting from 30 to 120 foot-candles to assist worker’s visibility."

There are lots of tools (Standardized Work, Value Stream Mapping, or Kaizen events) in the Lean toolbox. Applying the safety and ergonomics tool set within the context of lean removes barriers between people and their work (i.e. "ergonomically friendly"). This typically equals a more stable and streamlined process that promotes quality the 1st time.

One barrier often sidestepped is reviewing how we process 85% of the way we process information (See "Lighting the Way to Lean").

Textron, and E-Z-GO, obviously have seen the light!