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June 16th, 2009

Eli Lilly Shares Keys to Ergonomics Success

A little bit about the success of the global pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly

In less than five years, Lilly was able to meet its goal of reducing serious ergonomic injuries by 50%. We asked Dave Davis, Eli Lilly’s Global Ergonomic Program Coordinator, for his advice to large companies facing ergonomic challenges.  

1.       Get management support. “If management understands that good ergonomics is good business, and that ergonomic investments will easily be recouped, the opportunity for success is greatly improved.”

2.       Have a competent, well-trained site ergonomics coordinator at each facility. “We realized that we could have the best plan, fanciest slogan, and all the financial resources in the world, but if we didn’t implement, we would be spinning our wheels. “

3.       A one-size plan does not fit all. “We provided some standardized approaches to training and assessment, but gave our sites the ability to tailor their program to meet their local needs. Different facilities have different maturity levels.”

4.       Keep the program visible with a strong communications plan. “This really helps to build awareness and starts to change the culture around ergonomics.”

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