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June 19th, 2008

Engagement is lost, not gained

Steve Connolly of Analysys Mason, gave an insightful strategic overview to the cost of attrition in a post by the folks at Recrion…Steve maintains that companies need to focus less on the word ATTRITION and more on the principal of ENGAGEMENT.

A tourist in a big city once asked three workers at a construction site what they were doing. The first Cathedral said, "I’m making $30 an hour." The second said, "I’m laying bricks." The third replied, "I’m helping to build a cathedral." At an early point in their career, each of these laborers had the vision that they were building a cathedral. Unfortunately, over time, that shared vision was taken away from some of them by the harsh realities of their work. How do we create a high level of engagement?

The way to create that level of engagement is to first know you are asking the wrong question. By the very fact that people have the initiative to apply for work, then come to your work place day after day should tell you that the vision and engagement are already there and are yours to lose. People will self-select through a type of social Darwinsm and those that chose to malinger for a profession will not darken your doorstep for very long. The rest, the people with big hearts and smiling faces, want to do well. They want to be part of something they can be proud of; your job is to let them.

From Franz Schneider’s upcoming book The 30-Inch View of People, Performance, Productivity and Profit

Photo credit: Wolfgang Staudt