Ergonomics Engineering & Ergonomics in Design

Ergonomics Done Right®


Designing for improved human performance is not just an option in today’s competitive environment—it’s essential. Humantech’s engineering and design solutions enhance system performance.

Our services dramatically improve productivity and profitability while accelerating health and safety excellence.  Whether addressing product design, manufacturing engineering, or office and facilities equipment selection, Humantech offers usable solutions in an easy-to-understand manner.

The Humantech Difference:

  • Experienced Engineers and Designers

    Humantech’s engineering consultants possess a wealth of practical experience from decades of solving industry challenges. They work closely with our staff of full-time designers to make sure that our solutions meet your design goals. Our implementation team draws on expertise in machine tooling design to assist clients in turnkey engineering solutions.

  • Practical Approach to Engineering and Design

    Our approach to engineering and design combines a high level of involvement from your key personnel with efficient and quantifiable analysis methods. The results are highly usable design solutions with productivity improvement projections that provide all the information you need to make decisions now and for the long term.

  • Implementation Support

    Humantech supports every design solution with the data you need to implement the improvements and realize the full benefit of our performance engineering solutions. We support the implementation process with illustrations, vendor involvement, action plans, and cost-benefit data.

What can Humantech do for you?