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January 7th, 2014

Ergo Eyes at the DIA

by Bryan Picco, AEP

Before Christmas, I took my family visiting from Canada to the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) to escape the ice storm that hit the Midwest and eastern parts of the country.  We saw some truly amazing works of art and I highly recommend visiting the DIA if you are ever in town. The Detroit Industry Murals by Diego Rivera particularly stood out to me. Can you guess why? (Hint: Notice the “elbows out” postures of the workers.)

After attending one of our ergonomics training programs, you’ll start to develop what we call “ergo eyes”—being able to spot what is ergonomically incorrect in the job quickly and easily. It is very difficult to turn off your ergo eyes after the training. You will start to see ergonomic issues everywhere—at the grocery store, restaurants, your living room, and evidently, in paintings at an art gallery.

Happy New Year!