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July 14th, 2017

Is Your Ergo Team Struggling?

Does your team ever complete a great fix, only for it to be forgotten about shortly after? We often see ergonomics teams struggle with how to gain traction and encourage employee engagement.

Once your team starts implementing great fixes in the workplace, it’s important to communicate that success. Improving the visibility of your ergonomics initiatives can help bolster employee morale and engagement, foster new ideas, and create a shift towards a culture of safety. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is with an ergonomics communication board. Here are some tips on how to do it right:

  • Choose an appropriate location. Try to place your board in a high-traffic area where employees will easily have the opportunity to stop and read the content.
  • Be visual. Use color and simple illustrations  to quickly communicate your message.
  • Share “before” and “after” photos. Employees will recognize the changes and start to apply the same principles in their own areas.
  • Include a progress list. Keeping everyone up to date will create a continuous improvement mindset and will ensure accountability.
  • Introduce ergonomics team members. Employees are often more comfortable sharing ideas with a coworker first, so make sure people know who to talk to.