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February 27th, 2009

Ergonomic design and photograpy

Here at Humantech, we always like to discuss products that show a unique spin on what is traditionally thought of as 'ergonomic design".


Today we would like to highlight a feature on Kodak’s new Z980 camera featured at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show - designed to take portrait-mode photographs without unecessary stress on the shutterbug.  



Now, you still have to turn the camera on its side to snap your vertical shot; but it is no longer necessary to do the awkward ‘reach over the top’ or ‘pinch from below’ (depending on which way you turn the camera to take your vertical photos). This camera has both a standard horizontal shutter button and a new vertical shutter button – specifically for portrait mode photo taking.  


 According to Kodak, 40% of all photos are taken vertically. So does that mean a reduction in awkward tourist behavior by 40%?  If so, can we do something about folks wearing socks with sandals in Cancun?


Check out for more information on the Z980.


Huge thanks to Greg Cresswell from Humantech for contributing this thread.