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July 7th, 2015

Ergonomic Engineering Controls for Pregnant Workers

Companies rely on administrative controls to ensure pregnant workers remain comfortable and efficient throughout and after pregnancy. Examples of administrative controls include reducing the task load, providing schedule changes, and modifying rules such as the dress code. But what about engineering controls? Here are some some things I’d recommend.

Office Chair:

The #2 seat pan is the most deeply contoured seat design by BodyBilt® and is designed to give a high level of support in the forward tilt position. The J2500 Series by BodyBilt® allows for a full range of adjustability, which is necessary due to the fast pace of change to the body during pregnancy.

WorkRite® 214-WIDE Height and Angle Adjustable FootRester

This footrest has both a height and angle adjustment to correctly support the feet while seated. Resting feet on a footrest during pregnancy helps reduce swelling in the ankles/feet.

Keyboard tray:
Humanscale® 6G System with 900 Board and Clip Mouse

This keyboard tray has a height adjustment and an easy dial-a-tilt adjustment. Throughout pregnancy, it may be necessary to raise the keyboard tray as the abdomen expands. This will help reduce the horizontal reach that typically increases with a standard desk.

It is important to choose a mouse that promotes neutral wrist/hand posture while protecting the carpal tunnel. Here are some that we recommend:

Evoluent® Vertical Mouse

Microsoft® Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Goldtouch® Comfort

Logitech® Performance MX

Contour® RollerMouse Red

It is important to choose a keyboard that promotes neutral wrist/hand posture while protecting the carpal tunnel. Here are some that we recommend:

Microsoft® Sculpt Ergonomic

Microsoft® Sculpt Comfort

Kinesis® Freestyle

Microsoft® Arc

Sit-Stand: Any sit-stand workstation that meets the design criteria and safety guidelines used by your institution will be suitable. It’s very important to alternate between sitting and standing while pregnant. Although there is not a set standard, several organizations recommended pregnant workers stand no more than three hours daily.

We would love to hear what you’re using to keep pregnant workers comfortable and efficient at work!