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October 20th, 2014

Ergonomics at the Supermarket

by Matt Gilliam, AEP

During a recent grocery run to the local supermarket, I noticed some self-leveling tables for larger bags of pet food. As an ergonomist, thesupermarket optimal manual material handling zone is 38″-49″ from the standing surface and self-leveling tables are great ways to ensure products are always within the comfort zone. We often recommend self-leveling tables to our clients in the workplace,  so it’s great to see companies taking action and making shopping trips just a little bit easier.

When I come to think of it, supermarket developers are very intelligent in their product placement. The most expensive items are usually at eye level with the cheaper generic brands either on the top or bottom shelf. Have you noticed that the sugary, kid-favorite cereals are typically on the lower shelves, at eye level for children while the healthy cereal is at eye level for adults?

Have you seen similar ergonomic solutions in your everyday life?