Ergonomics done right.®
December 17th, 2018

Ergonomics Done Right, Because it’s the Right Thing to Do

Humantech’s mission is to improve the lives of the working population. Our tagline, “Ergonomics done right®,” reflects this. Through the articles, videos, and blog posts we’ve shared all year long, and all the work we do as a SaaS and consulting company, we hope companies have learned the elements (and tips) required to launch and sustain world-class ergonomics processes.

Why? Because when ergonomics is done right, there are improvements in business performance and stock health, spikes in product quality, and reductions in workplace injuries. But perhaps most important is the impact it has on people; as we wrap up the year and reflect on the content we developed, it’s important to remember the “soft” side of ergonomics. Below are a few of my favorite examples.

Wells Enterprises, best known for its Blue Bunny® ice cream and frozen desserts, shared a short video published on the Humantech website in May.  Team members from across the organization shared how much better they feel at the end of each day due to a reduction in injury rates. “I can definitely feel the difference when I go home. I’m not nearly as tired and my kids have noticed,” says Machine Operator Derrick Watts.

The Secret of Employee Engagement: Ergonomics is a blog article written by Managing Consultant Blake McGowan. He explains how employee engagement programs result in financial benefits for the company, while also improving work relationships. Initiating a participatory ergonomics program is one way to encourage teamwork and relationship building. Workers from various departments and position levels are brought together in the problem-solving and decision-making processes. When employees feel empowered (and even encouraged) to make improvements to their workplace, retention and happiness rates soar.

Remember, every musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) injury you prevent means another person is able to go home and play with the kids, walk the dog, or pick up a game of basketball. Managing Consultant Greg Cresswell shares how to manage MSDs in the e-book Five Approaches to Managing MSDs: What Really Works. Don’t forget, the most effective way to manage MSDs is to use a proactive approach!

We’ve got to talk about money if we’re talking about ergonomics. In a blog post, Consultant Ayla Yi dispels the myth that ergonomics improvements are expensive. Most of the companies Humantech partners with have many low- or no-cost improvements that can be completed with just a little bit of maintenance time. Spending just a few hundred dollars on improvements can be invaluable because it shows employees that you have their best interests in mind.

At the end of the day, ergonomics is about people. So, make sure your employees are happy and healthy this holiday season—and throughout the year. It’s simply the right thing to do.