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November 8th, 2013

Ergonomics for Delivery and Distribution – Q&A

Thank you to those of you who attended yesterday’s live webinar, Ergonomics for Delivery and Distribution and thank you to our co-sponsor, Magline, Inc. Here, as promised, are answers to the questions that we did not get to during the live event.

­Q: ­What solutions do you advise regarding repetitive motion in the workplace? I find the majority of our incidents are related to this­.

A:  The most important thing to remember is the “Ergonomics Fire Triangle” –   force, frequency, and posture.  We can reduce WMSD risk by eliminating extreme forces, frequencies, and postures and  promoting neutral postures.

Q:  Can I get more information on the pallet jack power assist device for the manual pallet jack?

A:  The PowerPallet is available through PowerHandling at

Q:  How much is too much to lift?

A:  The limiting factor for lifting depends mainly on the weight of the load and the location of the load.  You can use the NIOSH lifting equation to help identify, how much is too much. Humantech also has an app, HTLiftCalc available on iTunes.

Q:  I’m intrigued by the 2-minute rule to increase bloodflow when the driver gets out of the cab before he begins working again.  Are there any ergonomic stretches he can do to further increase blood flow when he exits the cab?  Some dynamic stretching you’d suggest?

A:  Simply walking can help promote blood flow.  You can also refer to a white paper written by Humantech, “Is Stretching a Good Strategy to Lower the Risk of WMSDs?

Q:  What were some of the vendors for the equipment that you highlighted in the webinar?

A:  There were several:  Magline, PowerHandling, Crown, Bose