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October 10th, 2008

Ergonomics in the Virtual World

Beamkatana_02_1223591173000 Ergonomics is so essential that even game designers are building it into their virtual worlds…

Here’s a review from the Weapons Locker column at

"The Beam Katana has often been compared to a lightsaber; however, the Beam Katana is different in several subtle, but fundamental ways. While the core feature of both is a concentrated energy beam capable of slicing through any material known to man, the Beam Katana uses an energy loop as to a standalone beam… (the) first Beam Katana was the Blood Berry, which is a no-frills mainline model made more readily available to the general public. The Blood Berry consists of the standard handle base, a horizontal handle for added ergonomics and stability, a pointed extendable receiver, and a guide bar that runs parallel to the beam."


Obviously a well-designed weapon that let’s you fight all day long!