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May 13th, 2008

Ergonomics or Economics?


At first, this intriguing design, courtesy of the folks at Yanko Design (very cool site if you like new gadgets, cutting edge design, etc) caught our eye, but upon further reflection it might really be a good example of "getting caught in one’s own headlights".

The idea of creating an adjustable lap desk using an airbladder is an interesting and simple concept and there may be demand for it in the marketplace. To label it "ergonomic" without justification is poor practice by the designer.

Just what problem does an adjustable lap top desk solve? Is it awkward posture of the wrist, long viewing distance when reading a book or computer screen, or a bent neck? Without a statement of the problem, the claims of the product benefit become somewhat empty.

The designer may have created the next great design concept (after the Chia Pet and the Clapper) but as far as ergonomics is concerned, it’s probably another example of the misunderstanding and overuse of a concept stricltly for marketing purposes.