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March 23rd, 2011

Ergonomics Regulations and I2P2

By Josh Kerst, CPE

This year’s Applied Ergonomics Conference has featured regulatory updates from both OSHA’s perspective as well as thoughts from general industry.  It is expected that there will not be federal action taken in the near term to require WMSD 300 Log recordkeeping nor ergonomic rule promulgation.  At a state level, Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder, is expected to sign legislation prohibiting any rule making for ergonomics as well.  This action comes on the heels of a recent cost-benefit analysis report required by the Michigan state rule making process (obtained through the Freedom of Information Act) that identifies an expected 37 to 1 return-on-investment for Michigan employers over the next 10 years if the rule was in place. Federal OSHA may not be pursuing an ergonomics standard at this time, but the administration is moving ahead with the proposed Injury and Illness Prevention Program requirement (dubbed I2P2). More to come on this shortly…