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Written by: Kent Hatcher on November 19th, 2008

You know, as an ergonomics consultant, I'm often in manufacturing environments where I'm exposed to safety hazards. Although I'm not a Certified Safety Professional, I work very closely with safety and have become acutely aware of what constitutes a hazard.

House Last night's episode of House opened in a manufacturing environment, with an employee working right next to a stamping press.

Two things struck me:

  1. The characters were wearing ear plugs – although they were dangling uselessly around their necks.
  2. When the protagonist collapsed, she fell onto the conveyor feeding the press. No photo-eye stopped the machine from crushing the character's hardhat (although luckily not the character).

I'm sure that this week will bring a variety of angry posts on numerous safety blogs. Ten years ago I am not sure if I would have noticed this, rather I would be focused on the plot. Now that I have developed the capability to recognize risk in the work environoment, I am unable to turn the darn thing off – even when I try to enjoy one of my favorite shows.

It is driving my wife nuts.

One response to “Ergonomists cannot ignore Safety – even on TV!”

  1. Kevin H says:

    Yes, I know exactly what you mean. My wife refuses to go to the mall or many other places with me since I am always correct people. In addition, I am forever reminding myself that it is just a movie!

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