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August 14th, 2012

Find It – Fix It: The Win-Win of High-Impact, Low-Cost Solutions

By Christy Lotz, CPE

For the last five years, Humantech has worked to recognize the hard work and impressive improvements of our clients by hosting the annual Find It – Fix It Challenge.  It is intended to recognize creative, sustainable, and high-impact solutions that address ergonomics issues in the workplace.

Humantech has created the Find It – Fix It Challenge due to the overwhelming number of amazing fixes we see during our RAPID Team Events® all year long.  However, we still run into cultures that view ergonomics as costly and resource exhausting.  Their focus is often on adjustable equipment which can be costly (e.g., height adjustable lift tables), and usually that adjustability function is never used.  We continually see and hear about the $300,000 equipment installations that are collecting dust!  These types of endeavors rarely include the operators, and they should.

By focusing on awareness and operator involvement, solid, practical and low-cost solutions can not only be implemented, but actually used by employees.  The entire Humantech staff, from consultants to administrators to our President, votes on the Find It – Fix It Challenge winners.  It is easy to tell which of the fixes had operator feedback and involvement. Here’s our winner from 2011.

Timken Find It – Fix It Challenge Winner 2011

There is about a month left to enter the 2012 Find It – Fix It Challenge, and we can’t wait to see what solutions your company has developed, so enter soon!