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August 5th, 2015

Five Material Handling Solutions You May Not Have Seen Before

One of the greatest challenges for many manufacturing companies  is manual material handling (MMH). So, here are five over-the-counter products I’ve seen in the past year that might not be well-known, but may be great solutions for your MMH issues:

      • Dem Truk
        • Collapsible transport cart with slide-off platformDemtruk - 2
        • Provides 10″ of height adjustability
        • Ideal for office moves, or frequent road travelers needing to handle heavy equipment throughout trip
      • Containers with removable sides
        • Hard plastic material stands up to many harsh environments and has a 1500-lb capacity
        • Completely removable side panels enable retrieving or loading operations to be performed without overreaching or leaning on narrowed surfaces
        • Effective in part/material storage or stacking operations
      • Levelizer
        • Turntable feature allows for material to rotate while employee sits or stands
        • Height adjustability of up to 16″ from the lowered position
        • Works well with large, heavy products that have multiply work surfaces at varying hand working heights
      • Track-O
        • Remote-controlled device with large slip-resistant platform to transport objects
        • Studded track enables product to travel through any terrain, including steep grades and snow
        • Ideal for transport of materials in heavy manufacturing, construction, and remote locations while in harsh environments
      • Mobile Articulating Device
        • Powered drive feature reduces push/pull forces while operating device
        • Telescopic mast enables work to be raised up to 11.5 feet, or just pass through a doorway
        • Designed to transport drums, sacks, containers, and varying sizes of boxes