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October 5th, 2017

Five Tips Before Buying Sit-to-Stand Workstations

Want to give your office employees the gift of adjustability? Considering an office renovation and sit-to-stand workstations for all?  Here are some key things to think about when planning to deploy adjustable workstations across your company, and some of these can really affect the bottom line.

  1. Power, power, and more power. Sit-to-stand workstations generally require electricity, and in some office set ups, outlets are located at waist height or higher. Power should be located at the floor for a sit-to-stand workstation. Keep in mind, extra juice may be required to power the desk.
  2. Privacy. Employees will not stand at the same time and, depending on your office layout, this can lead to some awkward views of your coworkers while they are standing. Try to position the employees so that they face away from each other, or make sure the cubical walls are a bit higher for privacy.
  3. Maintenance. Today, there are several, high-quality adjustable workstations on the market from vendors such as Humanscale, Workrite and Steelcase, among others. Regardless of the product you purchase, review the warranty terms closely. Does it cover the motor and base, the motor only, base only, and for how long? The more parts that are covered, and the duration they are covered, the better the terms.
  4. Accessories and wiring. Monitors, keyboards, and mice all require outlets and wiring. When the workstation is raised to a standing height, longer cords or desktop-mounted outlet attachments are required. Don’t let your accessories crash to the floor because you didn’t replace the short cords.
  5. Proactive planning. Deploying adjustable workstations using leading indicators in advance will allow you to control the cost, execution, and the timing of the roll out. Planning for adjustable workstations in the design phase can save a lot of money. A more reactionary, retro-fit approach can lead to higher costs, as you will not get a reduced parts and labor rate like a larger-scaled project.