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Written by: humantech on May 26th, 2011

By James Mallon, CPE

Just flipping through the Detroit News today, I came upon a great article on the use of digital modeling in advanced ergonomics at Ford.  The best excerpt from the article is towards the end where it reads, “…when digital modeling was introduced about a decade ago, ergonomic injuries fell about 80 percent.  Potential problems on the assembly line can be identified two or three years before an operator is exposed to it, Stephens said.”

Allison Stephens, the Global Technical leader in Assembly Ergonomics, has been getting a lot of well deserved press for her work recently.  She delivered an enthusiastic  keynote speech at the National Ergonomics Conference in Las Vegas last November and was honored with the Creativeness in Ergonomics Award for Practitioner of the Year at the the Applied Ergonomics Conference this past March.

Read the entire article.

One response to “Ford Sees Results from Advanced Ergonomics Initiative”

  1. Miguel says:

    Speaking from direct experience at Ford and having worked for Allison’s team in the past, I can honestly say that the Virtual Simulation used to proactively seek and solve ergonomic issues really WORKS! I can recall many instances where ‘out of the box’ thinking lead to solutions that typically could not be verified years in advanced. The digital modeling evaluations of production tasks using Virtual Simulations is certainly a significant proactive measure to reducing ergonomic injuries as well as making production more efficient. Thanks for sharing Jamie!

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