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May 16th, 2008

Friday Afternoon Quiz…

TeacherTest your knowledge of ergonomics. (Scroll down for the answers.)

1. How often should you adjust your work surface height when working at the computer for prolonged periods of time?

A. Never
B. Every few hours, when you feel your muscles need a break
C. Every 20 minutes
D. Every 2 minutes

2. True or False: Workstations that accommodate multiple shifts should be height adjustable.
     T  F

3. What situations would be appropriate for a sit/stand workstation (one that adjusts for seated and standing use)?

A. When the workstation is used for several hours or more per day
B. When the workstation is used only occasionally
C. When the workstation is used in a factory setting
D. All of the above

4. When typing at your computer, your monitor should be positioned:

A. To the right of your keyboard
B. To the left of your keyboard
C. Directly in front of your keyboard
D. Below your keyboard

5. The best position for your mouse is:

A. Next to your keyboard
B. Next to your computer monitor
C. Behind your keyboard
D. On top of your keyboard

6. True or False: Your work surfaces should be free from hard or sharp edges.
     T  F

7. True of False: The best keyboard trays maintain a flat surface (do not adjust in angle)
     T  F

8. Which of the following items should be within an easy arm’s reach while at your desk?

A. Frequently accessed reference materials
B. Telephone
C. Source documents
D. All of the above

1. B
2. True
3. A
4. C
5. A
6. True
7. False
8. D

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