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October 13th, 2010

Here’s a toast to Six Sigma…


A recent article featured by the Institute of Industrial Engineers showcased the Six Sigma Ranch and Winery in Lower Lake, California for their unique application of the principles of the Six Sigma process to the art of wine making.  Six Sigma is an internationally recognized management process focused on producing high quality products or services to meet the customer's need. At the Ranch, the data-driven principles of Six Sigma are employed in all stages of the process, from soil analysis, pruning of the vines to listening to the voice of the customer. For more information about Six Sigma, check out the Institute of Industrial Engineers resource page.

An interesting application that speaks for itself. "When you see the Six Sigma logo on a bottle of wine, you will know it stands for consistent quality". Does anybody out there have an interesting application of Six Sigma they are interested to share?

Thanks to Kevin Perdeaux for contributing this post.